Keeping Family and Friends Connected

An NCCF Project

Applying for Conversa

There are three ways to access the Conversa system:

Direct through your own Tablet, Pad or Computer

You can register for free to receive a link to our online bookmarks library covering all the essential Conversa Features. Registering will also allow you to use the special Care Wellbeing and Inclusion Fund help application gateway.

Connected to WIFI

If you have wifi access then we can supply a fully functioning Conversa Pad which can be easily connected to your wifi.

Connected to Mobile Data

If you do not have wifi then we can provide a Conversa Pad with mobile data access (we will have to validate Mobile Data availability in your area with our supplier EE).

You may apply for any of the Conversa access systems, you may apply for Conversa on behalf of another person and you may make more than one application. Conversa is only available to mainland UK Residents who are members of the British Nuclear Survivor Community. 

Application Form

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The following conditions apply for which option of Conversa you choose

Access registration number and link to the on-line Conversa Resources
This is a free service from the NCCF you can access from your own devices

Conversa Pad wifi connection
We provide a specially configured android tablet with accessories and instructions. This saves the NCCF a considerable expense as the device will connect through your wifi. The device will have a mobile data and telephone sim installed but this is an EE PAYG £10 per month 2GB 100 min unlimited text. To use these features the user will be responsible for the PAYG top-up charges.

Conversa Pad Mobile Data
We provide a specially configured android tablet with accessories and instructions. The device will have an EE 2-year contract 20GB data Unlimited Calls and Texts sim installed. The cost of this is covered by the NCCF, however, the applicant will have to sign a contract to pay any additional charges incurred using the SIM during the 2 year period. Before the end of the contract, the NCCF will advise on future arrangements contract.